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Contractor Pre-qualification for Public Agencies and Large Commercial Building Contractors 

Protect Your Safety Record and Workers’ Comp by tracking Sub’s EMRs or X-Mods

Use Contelligence to protect your safety record and workers’ comp insurance. Analyze, track, and monitor the experience mods (X-Mods or EMRs) of prospective or current subs. For many, it’s one step in qualifying a new construction partner. It’s surprisingly inexpensive.


Unparalled Support

If you ever find that you don't know what to do, just give us a call or email our HelpDesk we are here to help. 

Automatic Updates

Place your subs on ConWatch and get automatic updates any time their X-mod changes. Let us do the work for you.

Low Cost & Afforable

Contelligence offers an afforable approach to monitoring your contractors and subs.


Print quality reports of your Subs X-mod history to include in your bidding packages.

Automatically Track Subs’ X-Mods

Use Contelligence's ConWatch system to track your contractors on every job, by job. Get automatic notifcations when there are any changes to their X-mods.

Decrease Costs

You get the ability to check out Contractors before you hire them.

Protect your workplace

Contelligence has a complete list of cal-osha cites – prevent unsafe workplace and cal/osha inspections. Protect your loss ratio by avoiding unsafe subs.

See what our clients say.

Thousands of clients are glad they chose our company.

"Contelligence saves you a lot of money in the long run. Now all our corporate divisions use Contelligence. It saves me money on Insurance as well as saving time by checking Subcontractors backgrounds."

- Edward Calderon, Shea Homes

"Best way to look up most current EMR ratings. "

- Robin Tristan, Turner Construction

"Sometimes Contelligence finds out about EMR changes before subcontractors do. Subcontractors receive update letters at the beginning of the month- but only once per month. Contelligence makes it so they can't hide information regardless of when it happens. "

-Natasha Gooding, Turner Construction

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