How do I order service?

Fill out our service request and email or fax it to us. We are friendly and here to serve our customers. Please be careful to be accurate about your information. Click here for the form.

What is included with my Contelligence subscription?

The ability to instantly look up any sub and validate the EMR, along with history back as far as the 1970s if applicable. The ability to use ConWatch to automatically track your subs and get email notice when an EMR changes.

Contelligence provides a complete set of tools for finding, tracking, analyzing, and understanding experience modifications aka EMRs, X-Mods, exmods, ex-mods, or xmods.

What about training?

Training and help are free. Contelligence has a great deal of online training available on the website once you’re a customer, and our Helpdesk is available during California business hours.

Can I monitor my own EMR?


My company already has an account, can I get added?

Sure, we support unlimited users at each location so send us an email or contact your KeyOp.

What are debarments and what would that apply to?

Debarments are the inability to do certain types of work. This would apply to public works registration.

How current is the data?

Contelligence updates data daily, other data points are updated weekly. Our data is as current as possible.

Where do the W/C Class codes come from?

They are received from Compline and we do not delete any received class codes. We may display historical codes.

Why do you not show all class codes?

We display the class codes that come from WCIRB, they are usually the main class code and not always all class codes that are covered.

Cal-OSHA Citations?

Contelligence® displays the same citations that you saw in Compline, but will soon have all OSHA Citations included on your screen.

Why are there multiple addresses?

The first address you see listed (on the left) is connected to the CSLB license number. The second (on the right) comes from Compline and is connected to their EMR.

Do you have a Phone App?
We are working on developing a phone App. It will be released soon. If there is anything that you would like to see, please let us know

Got a question you don’t see here?

Ask Us… helpdesk@contelligence.com