Contractor / Subcontractor
Prequalification & EMR Lookup Data

Our data lookup service for prime & large commercial contractors,
public agencies, large corporations, and insurance companies in California.



Contractor / Subcontractor Prequalification & EMR Lookup Data

Our data lookup service for prime & large commercial contractors, public agencies, large corporations, and insurance companies in California.

For Large & Prime Building Contractors, Make Contelligence Your First Stop When You Receive a Bid

If you’re a large or prime contractor in California, use Contelligence to protect your safety record and workers’ comp insurance. Analyze, track, and monitor the experience modification ratings (a.k.a., X-Mods or EMRs) of prospective or current subcontractors. It’s surprisingly inexpensive.

– Saves Time & Combines 8 Contractor Databases into 1 Lookup
– Streamlines workflow and saves 15 to 20 minutes per incoming bid

For Public Agencies, Insurance Companies, & Large Corporations: Quickly Identify Contractor & Subcontractor EMRs and Citations

If you’re a government agency in California or large company that bids out building construction projects, you need to make sure that the contractors and the subcontractors you hire have a record of ensuring safety. We help you prequalify them quickly, combining 8 contractor databases into one easy lookup! It’s the same data used by insurance companies and brokers.

Customers Who Use Our Contelligence Contractor Prequalification Services

Our customers include some of the largest building contractors in California, government agencies and corporations that start new public construction projects. We also provide our data to insurance companies and brokers who provide coverage for contractors.

Pre-qualification = Increased Compliance

Compliance is deeper than just knowing the subcontractor’s safety record. It is complying with laws and regulations during the bidding process and knowing what subcontractors are also in compliance. Contelligence puts compliance at your fingertips.

You can instantly see:

  • Experience Modification Ratings (EMRs),
  • Worker’s Comp Insurance History,
  • Cal/OSHA Case Decisions,
  • Public Works Registration,
  • Classification verification for both workers’ comp and license type, 
  • Owner/Principle Names
  • Current and Expired Licensees and Certifications.

Automatically get email notifications when any changes occur to the subcontractors you’re following.

How Contelligence Can Help You as a Contractor

  • Protect against unforeseen audit premiums
  • Protects financial strength
  • Helps you choose contractors who are safety conscientious
  • Assists in lowering loss exposure from regulatory and sources

Automatically Track Contractor Experience Modification Ratings (EMRs)

Use Contelligence’s ConWatch system to track your contractors or subcontractors on every job, by job. Get automatic notifications when there are any changes to their EMRs. Contelligence is updated daily.

Significantly Decreases Costs and Increases Productivity

You get the ability to check out subcontractors or contractors before you hire them.

Protects Your Loss-Ratio

Contelligence has matched Cal-OSHA cases along with EMRs to the contractors and subcontractors you are interested in. Protect your loss ratio by avoiding unsafe contractors and subcontractors. Updated daily.

What You Get with Contelligence:

Contractor Prequalification All on One Screen:

  • Company Names

  • EMR history
  • Cal/OSHA decisions
  • Workers comp class codes
  • CSLB licenses, status & classifications
  • Public Works registration status
  • Are they asbestos certified
  • Alternative business and trade names
  • Owners and responsible managers
  • Workers Comp Insurance history and status
  • Debarments
  • VPP Safesite status

Does a contractor hold active special permits for:

  • Trenching & Excavation
  • Scaffold over 36’/Falsework or Vertical Shoring
  • Demolition
  • Structural Steel
  • Metal Decking
  • Curtain Walls, Precast Panels, Stone Façade
  • Reinforced Concrete Structures/Decking
  • Framing, Roof Framing, Panelized Roof Systems


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Why Choose Contelligence for Contractor Prequalification

Unparalleled Support

Can’t find what you’re looking for or need help navigating your way around? Just give us a call or email our HelpDesk. We are here to help.Help is always free.

Low Cost & Affordable

Contelligence offers an affordable approach to monitoring your contractors and subs.

Automatic Updates

Place your subcontractors or contractors on Conwatch and get automatic updates any time their Experience Modification Rating (EMR) changes. We automate the work for you.

Contractor / Subcontractor Reports

You can print quality reports of your subcontractor experience modification rating (EMR) history to include in your bidding packages.

See What Our Contelligence Clients Say

Thousands of clients are glad they chose our company.

“Contelligence saves you a lot of money in the long run. Now all our corporate divisions use Contelligence. It saves me money on Insurance as well as saving time by checking Subcontractors backgrounds.”

Edward Calderon

Shea Homes

“The best way to look up most current EMR ratings.”

Robin Tristan

Turner Construction

“Sometimes Contelligence finds out about EMR changes before subcontractors do. Subcontractors receive update letters at the beginning of the month- but only once per month. Contelligence makes it so they can’t hide information regardless of when it happens.”

Natasha Gooding

Turner Construction